Video Production in Mesquite Nevada

30. May 2010

We went to Mesquite Nevada in May to shoot a promotional video showing all the great things there are to do there.  While we were there, the Desert Valley Times wrote an article about what we where doing.  The article explains how Bryan Dangerfield saw what a great job we did on the Elko Promotional video and wanted one for Mesquite.  A couple of interesting quotes from Bryan in the article are:

"The shots were just amazing, especially the ones from the air," he said.  "I wondered how they could afford that kind of aerial photography - I know what helicopter times cost."

"They can put together films that look far more expensive than they are," said Dangerfield.

The shoot went great.  A few behind the scenes pictures are included below.  To see some of the great aerial video we got be sure see the Cool Shots - Mesquite blog entry.  The final promotional video will be posted in our tourism portfolio once it has been completed.


Jib shot on the golf course.


Tripod shot on the golf course


Preparring the helicopter for an aerial video shot


Transporting the jib around

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