Grand Canyon Railway Video Production

21. August 2010

We spent some time in Arizona recently, and did some video production work for Grand Canyon Railway. Our video production crew was there to provide some stunning shots to go with their existing video portfolio. We put together some highlights from the job and combined it with some cool music provided by Mitch Curinga.

The Grand Canyon Railway is a beautiful and fun way to experience the Grand Canyon area. The train was the lifeline to Grand Canyon National Park in the early 20th century. It was the railroad, along with the Fred Harvey Company, that commissioned and built most of the historic structures that still exist along the South Rim. The historic train almost faded into history itself when passenger service to Grand Canyon National Park stopped in 1968 as train travel gave way to the popularity of automobile travel. But like any legend it refused to die. As fate would have it, Grand Canyon Railway was reborn in 1989 when entrepreneurs brought the Grand Canyon's train back to life. Today, the Railway carries well over 200,000 people by rail to the canyon each year. Visit the Grand Canyon Railway website for additional information.

This first video is a promotional video utilizing aerial video footage we captured

This second video is a similar to the first promotional video, but we have cut in a few behind the scenes shots.

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